14.10.2012. BHVS General Meeting
2012 BHVS General Meeting will be held on Nov 3rd (Saturday) from 10:00 at the Conference Hall of BudaPest Hotel, Sofia.
2.10.2012. General Assembly of the CIGH

On Sep 25th in the frames of the XXX International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences General Assembly of

Confédération internationale de la généalogie et de l’héraldique was held. BHVS was presented by its chairman Stoyan Antonov.

2.10.2012. ХХХ International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, Maastricht 2012
From Sep 24th till Sep 28th in Maastricht XXX International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences was held. The theme of the congress was Frontiers in Genealogy and Heraldry and 55 lectures from 21 countries were presented. The opening ceremony was held in the presence of HRH Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, Theo Bovens, Queen's Commissioner for the Province of Limburg, and Onno Hoes, Mayor of Maastricht. BHVS representatives were Roumiana Popova and Stoyan Antonov, who was one of the lecturers.
7.06.2012. One More Village of the Municipality of Septemvri Adopted Coat of Arms
Zlokuchene is the sixth village in the Municipality of Septemvri with heraldic arms. The blazon is designed by Jovan Jonovski, after the idea of Alexander Alexiev. The emblazon is drawn by Eleonora Hadzhinikolova, a painter. These are canting arms because the talbot toward sinister (heraldically "wrong" direction) indicates the name of the village - Zlokuchene literary means Evil Dog's place.
6.05.2012. Village of Vetren Dol Has Got A Flag
The flag of the village of Vetren Dol, which has been adopted earlier this year (on 30th Jan), was sanctified on the St George's Day (May 6th) at St George Chapel by father Georgi in the presence of the Mayor Dimitar Hristoskov. The author of the flag is Plamen Tsvetkov.