6 Nov 2011. BHVS Annual General Meeting
On 05.11.2011 the general meeting of the BHVS was held at the Budapest Hotel, Sofia.

31 Oct 2011. BHVS Annual General Meeting
The BHVS Annual General Meeting will be held on November 5th at the Budapest Hotel in Sofia.
2 Sep 2011. The Coat of Arms and the Flag of Municipality of Rakovski Were Adopted
On August 30, 2011 the Municipal Council of Rakovski adopted coat of arms and flag of the municipality. For the winning proposals voted 16 members of the MC, one was against, and 3 abstained. The team of authors included: Boyko Romanov and Mladen Shishkov, heraldic design; Mincho Delivanski, emblazon, and Ivan Benin, computer design. Stoyan Antonov from the BHVO was heraldic adviser.  
31 Aug 2011. Herold #3
Yesterday the 3rd number (for 2010) of the annual bulletin of the BHVS was published. Alexander Alexiev, Ivan Voynikov, Ivan Ivanov and Plamen Tsvetkov are the authors in the issue. The number for 2011 has to be published until the end of the year..
24 Aug 2011. Public Discussion on Proposal for New Arms of Municipality of Rakovski
On August 23rd, the Municipal Council of Rakovski organised a public discussion on proposal for new arms of the municipality. Stoyan Antonov (BHVS) took part in the event as a heraldic adviser.
18 Aug 2011. Temporary Unavailable of the BHVS Website

Because of technical reasons the BHVS website was unavailable from the middle of July to the middle of August.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


6 Aug 2011. ХХІV Vexillological Congress in Washington.

Peter Yanachkov Presented the Candidature of BHVS for FIAV Membership

From 1st to 5th of August in Washington, DC, the 24th International Vexillological Congress was held. The host organisation of the highest flags event was NAVA. On August 3rd on FIAV General Assembly in the frame of the congress, Peter Yanachkov  presented the candidature of BHVS for membership in FIAV. The admittance of BHVS will be on the agenda of the congress in Rotterdam, 2013.
4 Jun 2011. The Village of Kovachevo Coat of Arms was Adopted
Since May 24th one more village from the Municipality of Septemvri has arms, in which creation were involved members of  BHVS. Jovan Jonovski is the author of the heraldic design after the idea of Alexander Alexiev. The emblazon is made by the artist Eleonora Hadzhinikolova with the help of Pavel Bozhinov. The coat of arms has been adopted by Mr. Mahmud Salim, the mayor of the village, during the traditional village reunion. 
  Alexander Alexiev and Mahmud Salim (4.06.2011)