1 Nov 2009. BHVS Annual General Meeting


The annual BHVS General Meeting was held yesterday at the Bulgarian Revival School Hall of the National Historical Museum in Sofia. One of the most important decisions was the election of Mr Zeljko Heimer as a BHVS honorary member. During the informal part the newest books in the members' libraries and the library of BHVS were shown and exchanged for use. Alexander Alexiev presented his personal coat of arms. Jovan Jonovski reported the debate about the state coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia, and his experience in cooperative events with museums.



18.05.2009. Herold #2 Issued


The second number of the BHVS bulletin is a special issue in honour of the Centenary of Bulgarian Independence (Sep 22, 1908-2008). Part of its contents are the paper about the Symbols of Bulgarian Statehood Exhibition, as well as, heraldic and vexillological articles on royal and state symbols. The bulletin is published with the support of the National Historical Museum.



13.04.2009. Rendezvous with Clive E. A. Cheesman, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant


Today BHVS members Aleksander Moshev, Aleksander Aleksiev and Plamen Tzvetkov met Dr. Clive Cheesman in the frames of his private visit to Sofia. The honoured guest is Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, College of Arms, and joint editor of The Coat of Arms, journal of the Heraldry Society, London. Contemporary challenges of heraldry was the main topic of the conversations.

During the last couple of years this has been the third meeting of that rank after the visits of Aleksander Aleksiev and Lachezar Haralampiev at the College of Arms, and their welcome by Mr. David White, Somerset Herald of Arms and chairman of the Heraldry Society, London.