23 Sep 2008. BHVS Annual General Meeting


Following the Symbols of Bulgarian Statehood national exhibition, the 2008 BHVS annual general meeting was held yesterday. Our kind hosts from Veliko Tarnovo’s Regional Museum of History offered us the old-town comforts of Sarafkina House to this end. All activities for the past year were accounted for and a programme for the next was accepted. New BHVS members were also admitted.


23 Sep 2008. Exhibition in Honour of Centenary of Bulgarian Declaration of Independence


The Symbols of Bulgarian Statehood national exhibition was officially opened in Veliko Tarnovo’s Rafael Mihailov Exposition Hall. The exhibition’s heraldic side was developed by BHVS’s creative team and consists of the majority of Bulgarian national arms as recently discovered in western European and Illyrian armorials.

(Pictures: Plamen Tsvetkov)



18 Sep 2008. Exhibition in Honour of Independence Day and BHVS Annual General Meeting


The BHVS annual general meeting will be held on September 22 in Veliko Tarnovo. It will be complemented by the official opening of the Symbols of Bulgarian Statehood national exhibition to honour the centenary of the Bulgarian Declaration of Independence. The event is co-organised in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, National Museum of History, and BHVS, and hosted by the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the Regional Museum of History. Approximately twenty museums, academic and cultural institutions from the entire country will also be participating with their exhibits.



27 Aug 2008. First Issue of BHVS Bulletin Published


The first issue of Herold, our bulletin, came out of print today. The publication contains academic articles on heraldry and vexillology, as well as information on BHVS activities. The bulletin is envisaged to be a regular annual edition, with additional dedicated editions to be printed when special occasions so demand. The first of these is already planned for September to honour the centenary of the Bulgarian Declaration of Independence.


9 Jun 2008. Village of Lozen with BHVS-Designed Arms


Lozen is the third village in the Municipality of Septemvri to possess heraldically-correct coat of arms. Plamen Tsvetkov is its author and Radoslav Iliev the heraldic artist. It was formally presented to Mayor Georgi Tsankov by Alexander Alexiev, the initiator of this project (see picture).



18 Mar 2008. The Flag of the BHVS is Adopted


Three years after the juridical registration of the BHVS, the flag of the association is adopted after the design of Peter Yanachkov. It is based on the national colours, the letter V (for vexillology) and the reversed triangle (as a shield, for heraldry).



09 Jan 2008. Obituary


Today, on the age of 82 our honorary member Mr. Ivan T. Papouktchiev has died in Kazanlak. May his memory live for ever!