03 Dec 2007. General Meeting of the BHVS



On 01.12.2007 at 14:00 the general meeting of BHVS was held at the 25th hall of the Historical Faculty in Sofia University - the very place where, on 14.12.2004, BHVS was established. The importance of the event was predetermined by the fact that it marked the end of the first three-year mandate and the beginning of the second one. There was a report on the period passed. The Advisory Council and the chairman were reelected. The most important topic on the agenda was the discussion and the adoption of a strategy for the future development and the program on the objectives of BHVS for the next 3 years. Jovan Jonovsky participated during the meeting as an honorary member and a guest from the Macedonian Heraldry Society. As a mark of friendship, he presented BHVS with a letter of gratitude. The meeting ended with the presentations of the latest heraldic investigations concerning Bulgaria: Lord Marshal's Roll of Arms, the Illyrian Armorial and Grunenberg Armorial of the Society of Antiquarians of London, Richental Prague Codex, and Grunenberg Parchment Codex from Bavarian State Library.


5 Nov 2007. A Lecture of the BHVS Chairman at the Museum of Macedonia




On 1 Nov 2007 г. in the hall 1 of the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, Stoyan Antonov delivered a lecture about heraldry as a system of symbols. The event took place within the frame of Museum of Macedonia and Macedonian Heraldry Society Project. Among the public were representatives of the secretary of Ministry of Culture and the rector of Skopje University, as well as students from the secondary school of arts and parties interested in heraldry. The previous day (31.10.2007) the annual meeting of Macedonian Heraldry Society, where S. Antonov was present as a special guest, was held.


27 Jun 2007. Phototype on-line Edition of the Stemmatographia


BHVS prepares an edition of Hristofor Zhefarofich's Stemmatographia,  accessible via Internet. This very important source of South Slavonic heraldry, was published in 1741 in Vienna as a translation of 1701 Vitezovic's Stemmatographia from Latin into "Slavo-Serbian". The present issue is based on a copy from its 1742 second edition. The book was published only once in Bulgaria (1986, phototype). Notes about arms, territories and personalities, mentioned in Stemmatographia, are in the process of preparation.

You can turn over the 116 pages here. Loading may take a few minutes.


12 Apr 2007. Village of Varvara Has Coat of Arms


On 22 Mar 2007 the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Septemvri, District of Pazardzhik, adopted the coat of arms of Varvara Village, proposed by BHVS. The newly adopted symbol is one of the few coats of arms in Bulgaria.


6 Nov 2006. General Meeting of the BHVS



On 4 Nov 2006 the annual BHVS General Meeting was held at the Bulgarian Revival School Hall of the National Historical Museum in Sofia. The main topics on the agenda were report on activities, and adoption of 2007 BHVS Program. Three delegates of the Macedonian Heraldry Society were also present at the meeting. After the formal part, looking through and discussing rolls of arms were enjoyable for all. (Photos: Petar Gajdov)